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Yaskawa Encoder UTOPI-10AYM3H

Yaskawa Encoder UTOPI-10AYM3H

Yaskawa Encoder UTSAE-B17BBAM

Yaskawa Encoder UTSAE-B17BBAM

Yaskawa Encoder UTSAE-B17BB

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Yaskawa Σ-2 series value encoder model: UTSAH-B17BB

1. Encoder resolution: 17-bit value

2. Applicable motor model: 850W: SGMGH-09A2A61 SGMGH-09A2A6C (with brake)
1.3 KW: SGMGH-13A2A61 SGMGH-13A2A6C (with brakes)

1.8KW: SGMGH-20A2A61 SGMGH-20A2A6C (with brakes)

2.9KW: SGMGH-30A2A61 SGMGH-30A2A6C (with brakes)
4.4KW: SGMGH-44A2A61 SGMGH-44A2A6C (with brake)

5.5 KW: SGMGH-55A2A61 SGMGH-55A2A6C (with brakes)

7.5KW: SGMGH-75A2A61 SGMGH-75A2A6C (with brake)
11KW: SGMGH-1AA2A61 SGMGH-1AA2A6C (with brakes)

15KW: SGMGH-1EA2A61 SGMGH-1EA2A6C (with brakes)

Yaskawa Encoder UTSAE-B17BB

Yaskawa Σ-2 series incremental encoder model: UTSAH-B17BB

1. Encoder resolution: 17-bit incremental

2. Applicable motor model: 850W: SGMGH-09ACA61 SGMGH-09ACA6C (with brake)
1.3KW: SGMGH-13ACA61 SGMGH-13ACA6C (with brake)

1.8KW: SGMGH-20ACA61 SGMGH-20ACA6C (with brakes)

2.9KW: SGMGH-30ACA61 SGMGH-30ACA6C (with brake)
4.4KW: SGMGH-44ACA61 SGMGH-44ACA6C (with brake)

5.5KW: SGMGH-55ACA61 SGMGH-55ACA6C (with brake)

7.5KW: SGMGH-75ACA61 SGMGH-75ACA6C (with brake)
11KW: SGMGH-1AACA61 SGMGH-1AACA6C (with brakes)

15KW: SGMGH-1EACA61 SGMGH-1EACA6C (with brakes)
Yaskawa Encoder UTSAE-B17BB

PS604-0101 0950-2232
Offline programming means that the host computer and the programmer share the same CPU, and the programming, monitoring, and operating status of the PLC can be selected through the selector switch of the programmer. In the programming state, the CPU only serves the programmer and does not control the site. This is the case with dedicated programmer programming. Online programming means that the host and the programmer each have a CPU. The CPU of the host completes the control of the scene and communicates with the programmer at the end of each scan cycle. The programmer sends the modified program to the host. In the next scan cycle, the host will press The new program controls the scene. Computer-aided programming can realize offline programming as well as online programming. Online programming needs to purchase a computer and configure programming software. Which programming method to use should be decided according to needs
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Yaskawa Encoder UTSAE-B17BB

UTSAH-B17BB Containers, mica capacitors, glass film capacitors, polyester capacitors, glass glaze capacitors.

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